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  • full house renovation
  • full house renovation
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Whether you're looking to sell your home or simply want to make your property more comfortable or value-added, as expert with many years experience, our team can help you turn your idea into reality. No matter what size of your space or layout of your property is, we have the tools and skills to make your home more functional and visually pleasing.

One of 247 Building Maintenance significant strength is entire home remodeling and renovation. We go beyond the typical "full-service" contractors by providing in-depth design and building services. We will coordinate all the key tasks, from design(Or we can work based on your designer) and specification, to building, installation, and finishing. Only a comprehensive design/build firm such as ours will have the best control of a renovation project.

By performing each task under single-management, 247 Building Maintenance are able to stay on budget and on schedule.

247 Building Maintenance are extremely good at speed up the whole renovation period since we are not middle man, we have our own professional team members with our outstanding way of manage the whole renovation project. We have received many positive feedback from our customers.

We are confident at our work, since we are professional team in west vancouver house  renovation, including kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation,basement renovation,etc. Besides renovation, we also have a certified professional team on asbestos removal, mould removal, lead paint removal, knowledge on this particular area makes us extremely confident at deliver a safe, environmental friendly and high quality work to you. Click each colored phrase to know more about our services.

247 Building Maintenance also specialize in risk assessment and WCB Work Stop. This will ensure our happy customer won't have potential issue or concerns that might happen during the process, which will result in delayed completion date.

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