• bathroom renovation
  • bathroom renovation
  • bathroom renovation
Bathroom Renovations

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Bathroom renovation has become the most popular one in remodeling projects because as studies show, renovated bathrooms add more value to your home. Starting a day refreshed by using well-designed bathroom is a pleasant experience. Day in, day out, we understand the bathroom needs to be comfortable and to your taste.

The average bathroom remodeling project can start with adding new fixtures for your lighting, sink, or bathtub and move on to a whole new comfortable, attractive, spa-like and functional space. Remodeling a bathroom creates a space for grooming, relaxing or indulging in after a long and tiring day.

Our profession renovation team can help you with many detail upgraded, whether it is bathroom addition, expansion of your bathroom, or complete bathroom renovation, 247 Building Maintenance can help you transform your old bathroom into a whole new one that you always dreamed of.

We are confident at our work, since we are professional team in home renovation, including kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation,basement renovation,etc. Besides renovation, we also have a certified professional team on asbestos removal, mould removal, lead paint removal, knowledge on this particular area makes us extremely confident at deliver a safe, environmental friendly and high quality work to you. Click each colored phrase to know more about our services.

247 Building Maintenance also specialize in risk assessment and WCB Work Stop. This will ensure our happy customer won't have potential issue or concerns that might happen during the process, which will result in delayed completion date.

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